Natural Remedies For Cold

A cold is a sort of viral infection that has no fixed season. Different kinds of viruses can cause it. Some of the symptoms of cold are a runny nose, cough, headache, high fever, sore throat, itchy eyes, body aches and much more. In the same way, there is no single season of cold. It ranges from perennial to annual; sometimes frequent attacks in every month are also possible. It’s important to treat the cold as soon as possible because it leads to further problems like pneumonia etc.

Throughout history, various remedies have been invented and used according to the wisdom of people. In history, the remedies’ varied from place to place. Similarly, in the era where we are living, different types of natural remedies are being used for treating cold. However, due to a globalized era, most of these natural remedies are being used by people all over the world.

Spice Tea

Spice tea is one of the most beneficial natural remedies for treating cold. The method involves drying some roast withrrghbhgtg the addition of a cup of coriander seeds. Also, include one tablespoon of both the fennel seeds and cumin. A half tablespoon of fenugreek seeds should be mixed also. Then boil a cup or two of boil water and include a teaspoon full of spice powder and rock candy. Boil the solution and boil it when it’s hot.


Ginger is also a natural remedy for treating cold. Ginger has an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral property that are why help in curing a cold and flu.

Ginger can be eaten in raw form as well used in the tea. Lemon juice can also be added to enhance the efficiency of ginger tea. Moreover, a mixture, by mixing dry ginger powder, a natural sweetener, and clarified butter is better for a runny nose. The mixture is beneficial to be taken at early in the morning.

Chicken Soup

gvfgrvChicken soup also has many essential vitamins and nutrients that help in treating the common cold. Chicken soup also has the high antioxidant properties which better work in the healing process. Furthermore, it boosts immunity of your body and restores strength in the body. The best way is to use homemade chicken made up of chicken and vegetables. Chicken soup is so far one of the best natural remedies for treating cold.

Salt Water Rinsing

Salt water rinsing is also one of the best natural remedies to treat cold. Mix a spoon of salt in hot water and do gargle of both throat and nose. It not only give short time relief but also help in killing many viruses.