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Guide when selecting the right electronic cigarette

Deciding on the best electronic cigarette can be challenging for any first-timer. This presents the best opportunity for an individual to try one for themselves. This page clearly demonstrates most suitable electronic cigarette, including its type and style. This article highlights the following options; 2-piece cigarettes ego style cigarettes and modded style cigarettes. If you have never tried an e-cig this might be the best opportunity to start off with a disposable option the first moment you experience the vaping feel and taste.

electronic cigarette

A great smoking experience

Anyone who has tried out an electronic cigarette might consider starting out with a disposable version during the first instance. Start out with a disposable piece that will give you a feel of the vaping taste. Doing this can mimic smoking improving the smoke and taste on the production of vapor. There are many flavors that are offered on tobacco and the flavors that are fruity and sweet.  With this e-cig, you have the opportunity to control your levels of nicotine and present the endless possibilities. Individuals can use e-cigarettes as a suitable means of weaning themselves off real cigarettes. Vaping and cigarette enthusiasts should consider buying a starter kit. Today there are awesome brands and kits that provide sub-par services. You also have the opportunity to opt for the best solution when choosing the right e-liquid for e-cig. Before you decide on various brands this two brands might when choosing a suitable cig brand.

electronic cigarette

The 2-piece electronic cigarettes

The first type of cigarette we will consider is the 2-piece electronic gadget cigarette. This remains one of the easiest types of cigarettes that are best suited for use. They require a minimal amount of maintenance too.It remains difficult to figure out the most suitable cigarette look-alike that closely resemble traditional cigarettes. Most people refer to the e-cigs as the first generation due to the first style of introduction. For many years the 2 piece cigarette model is the most dominant in the market for those who are trying to quit smoking. The two main components of this cigarette comprise of the cartridge and the battery. The cigar-like cartridges are filled with e-liquid having a suitable level of nicotine. Inside each cartomizer, the atomizer coil heats up the liquid nicotine mixture producing vapor with every puff. The only requirement one is tasked with is to ensure that the battery remains charged. Additionally, a pack of fresh cartridges should be on standby.

The Ego styled e-cigarettes

With this type of cigarettes, you get the opportunity to buy e-liquids and have them in different flavors, strengths and concoction mixes. Additionally, you have the opportunity to purchase larger quantities of e-liquid that will help keep various flavors in check thus avoiding the aggravation of having to reorder them as often as you did. All this can be likened to the pre-filled cartridges. Ordering has never been a major issue; it is the waiting that builds the levels of anxiety. The main merit of this e-cig is the having the ability to significantly boost its voltage so as to deliver more power and produces more vapor. There are two main pieces of e-cigs. However, the atomizer and the tank are of separate pieces in the ego style cigarettes.

All About Vaporizers For Weed

When it comes to weed consumption, there are vast options available for you. Besides rolling a joint, you can consume marijuana through other methods like the use of bongs, pipes, waxes, foods, oils, and vaporizers. As we speak, vaporization has become the most popular way of consuming weed for both medical and recreational purposes. Just to refresh your memory, marijuana vaporization refers to the process of heating up weed before the point of combustion. As the heating goes on, the active compounds in cannabis (cannabinoids) turn to vapor without igniting the weed matter. To vaporize cannabis, vaporizers is required. This article will disclose to you all about vaporizers for weed.

Understanding the best vaporizers for weed

What is a weed vaporizer?

vaporizersSimply stated, a weed vaporizer is a battery-powered device used to vaporize the active compounds of weed into vapor for recreational as well as medicinal inhalation. Weed vaporizers have a heating element and a container that stores the marijuana matter. When the weed materials get into contact with the heating element, they are heated into vapor without getting burned. The medical marijuana user then inhales the vapor.

Portable vaporizers

Compared to vape pens, portable weed vaporizers are less discreet. Nevertheless, they are still portable enough to fit in a pocket or a purse. Portable weed vaporizers come with a high price tag because of their efficient performance, excellent design, and better vapor production capabilities. Most portable vaporizers are designed for vaporizing dry weed. However, some come with multiple functions, enabling them to vape even waxes and oil concentrates.

Vape pens

Just like e-cigarettes, vape pens are made up of three basic parts including the battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece. The dry weed or oil concentrates are heated up and atomized in the atomizer. On the other hand, the battery powers the vape pen. Lastly, the mouthpiece is the end from which one takes a puff. Mouthpieces are made from materials that won’t heat up after prolonged use to avoid burning your lips. If you are looking for a discreet, small, and affordable medical/ recreational weed vaporizing solution, look no further than the vape pen.

Desktop vaporizers

vaporizersThis weed vaporizer is the largest among the three. Desktop vaporizers offer medical/ recreational marijuana users more power than both vape pens and portable vaporizers at the expense of portability. Even though desktop vaporizers are often dismissed because of their bulkiness, it is vital to understand that the larger the size of a vaporizer the higher the quality of vapor. Most Desktop vaporizers can vape dry weed, oil/ wax concentrates, and e-liquids. If you are exclusively a home medical marijuana user, then desktop vaporizers are an ideal option for you.

Final Purport

Weed has been used for many purposes including health, medicinal, and recreational. Since ancient times, people have continuously come up with different methods of consuming marijuana. The latest and most favorite way of consuming medical marijuana is the use of a vaporizer.

Weed vaporizers come with many benefits compared to smoking. Some of these benefits include the elimination of smoke and smell, cost-effectiveness, and efficient conversion of cannabinoids into vapor with less harmful by-products.

Benefits Of Using Hash Oil For E-juice

Vaping marijuana gives an experience like no other. This style is quickly gaining popularity all over the world especially due to the many benefits associated with it. However, since the use of purchased e-juice may be limiting, it is crucial to learn how to make hash oil for vape pen at home. This method of making the e-juice has many advantages, and this article wishes to analyze some.

Benefits of using hash oil for e-juice

Cost factor

using hash oil for e-juiceIf you are on tight budget and find it difficult to cope with the cost of fancy packed and delivered to doorstep cannabis e-juice, then this is the way to go. With the correct procedure, making e-juice from hash oil is a very cost effective method. The cost of the liquidizer is way cheaper than manufactured e-juice. Most people who use the method at home have confirmed to saving money by making their hash oil juice. As a matter of fact, one can also make the hash oil itself from the start by using alcohol and marijuana buds.

It is easy to make

Even people who are not ‘DIY’ fans still find it easy to make e-juice from hash oil. It is a two steps process which involves mixing the hash oil with liquidizer then heating and voila! You have your e-juice ready to enjoy. It involves, using one part of hash oil to two parts of liquidizer. For the best results. The biggest secret in achieving the best quality e-juice is to have hash oil without plant residuals as they do not dissolve well in the liquidizer.

One can add a flavor

using hash oil for e-juiceOne of the best benefits of any e-juice is the ability to have a variety of flavors. The hash oil can have some flavors added as well. If you probably want to mask the original taste of the marijuana, it is possible to enhance with some essence like vanilla or strawberry. With e-juice, it’s possible to add such flavors only for the portion you intend to take and leave the rest in its original flavor.


The list of the benefits of e-juice from hash oil can go on and on. Additionally, one can make as much e-juice as possible without limitations while at the same time guarantee the health safety of the procedures. You too can make this at home and enjoy the benefits.