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How to Produce Quality CBD Oil

CBD oil is a product that offers several important uses. For example, this oil can be used as a remedy for a range of health conditions such as anxiety. Do you know how it’s made? While many people think that it’s a very complicated process, the reality is that the process is so easy that you can apply it at home, using basic tools. Here’s it:


CBD oil is first extracted from a marijuana plant or hemp plant in various ways, one of which is “CO2.” Here, a carbon iv oxide is used in liquid form as a solvent to extract the oil.cbd oil


After cannabidiol oil is extracted from a plant, it’s isolated from various compounds through distillation, which entails two steps;


This refers to the process of removing unwanted compounds that were extracted from the plant alongside crude CBD oil. These compounds include fats, lipids, and waxes. In this process, the extracted CBD oil is soaked in a solution, typically, alcohol, and then frozen. This will separate it from the fats, lipids, and waxes. The outcome of that will be a dark solution with maple-syrup like consistency. At this point, the oil is still not yet 100 percent pure, hence the second step(short path distillation) would be of the essence.

Short Path Distillation

Here, the oil extract is heated, breaking it away from the remaining compounds that should not be part of it. As a matter of fact, short path distillation works in the same way as winterization does. After all, it all about removing the compounds, which have different boiling points, from the oil. The final product is pure CBD oil.


Once the oil is purified, it’s time to pour it into tiny bottles ready for sale. Don’t worry, there are machines that are designed specifically for this job. But if you can’t afford one, you could alternatively use your own hands.bottled cbd oil

Uses of CBD Oil By-Products

For your information, the other compounds extracted from the oil are never discarded. Instead, they are put into different uses. For example, the waxes are used to make candle waxes, which we use for illumination purposes. The rest is used as raw materials in different industries to manufacture products including drugs.

Final Thoughts

cbd oil

You can make your own CBD oil at home by following the above process. The first step is to use CO2 to extract the oil from marijuana or hemp. The second step is winterization. It entails soaking the oil in alcohol to separate it from lipids, waxes, and other unwanted compounds. The final step is; short path distillation. Here, you heat the oil to separate the unwanted compounds, which have different boiling points, from it. At this point, you’ll have pure CBD oil, which you can then store in a bottle.