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Various Physiotherapy Methods

Physiotherapists are experts like surgeons in their field. From sprains to strains and bruises to your fractures, these experts can help restore your body to its optimal performance. If you are suffering less serious injuries, physiotherapists can help recover without undergoing surgical procedures. If you are having injury related issues, you can visit physio clinic for St Kilda Road area – Capital Physiotherapy. In fact, they can assist you to recover quite quickly after the surgery. In this post, you will learn some physiotherapy techniques and methods.


Literallymassage, physiotherapy experts have to get their hands dirty. This is because they like doing things manually. Some of the examples include massaging, compressing, and stretching. Manual therapy is the foundation of any given treatment plan that is prescribed by the physiotherapists. They believe it can help the patients to get better and recover quickly.

Physiotherapy with drugs

In most instances, physiotherapy can be performed in combination with medical drugs. This is quite helpful for various injuries such as muscle strains. It is quite beneficial if a patient is given ointment and muscle relaxant medicine. This can be combined with interferential therapy that uses electrical signal, which produces soft massaging effects. In this way, it stimulates your body to produce endorphins for pain relief.

Good old physiotherapy

In some instances, physiotherapy is adequate to help you recover. For instance, if you are suffering from ankle sprains, it is necessary to massage your ankle under heat. This will help warm up the tissues and muscles, speed up recovery, and increase blood flow. Neither medication nor surgery is required in such instances.


Ultrasound is quite effective inaudible sound waves that penetrate beyond the subcutaneous tissue layer. It loosens it in preparation for physiotherapy. It gives a mild touch of heat needed to warm up and expand surrounding tissues. This increases blood flow and speeds up healing rate.

Physiotherapy with surgery

For serious imachinenjuries, physiotherapy can be used in combination with surgery to provide the best results. It is necessary to start physiotherapy before the surgical date. This is needed to beef up the body and strengthen different muscle groups. Post-surgery involves regaining back full range of motion. This also prevents the formation of scarring tissues and regaining fitness.

Electrical simulations

These are applied in a controlled manner and a minimal dosage that can help stimulate muscles to contract. For patients suffering from traumatic injuries, they can find these treatments very helpful. When you use electrical simulations, function and proper movement of the body can be restored.